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Based on Sourcemod netprops.txt and datamaps.txt dump on: 11/27/2021

Each entity in Source has a collection of variables associated to it that hold data about that entity. With SigMod, these variables can be accessed and manipulated to allow for greater creative freedom when designing missions.

There are two types of entity properties:

  1. SendProps are properties designed to be networked; changes to them are relayed to clients.
  2. DataMaps are properties designed for saving/restoring entities, changes to them may or may not be relayed to clients depending on the property.

Click here for a list of code files that may be useful when browsing the source code.

Below is a list of most relevant C++ entity classes and their parent classes. (If the class is not tied to a game entity or no entity inherits from the class, it is generally not included.)

Click on an entity class to view its entity properties.

Point Entities
Players / NPCs / Objects
Items (Cosmetics / Weapons)
Gamemode Logic
Particles / Effects
Brush Entities
Temporary Entities