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It is possible to embed Lua scripts into missions with LuaScript / LuaScriptFile keys.

The scripts are parsed once when the game switches a mission, or when the map reset vote is called

Lua programming guide is available at and a quick reference at

Mission lua scripts are managed by $script_manager entity with popscript targetname

All mission and $script_mananger scripts are in a global scope and can access each other

scripts/globals.lua is always parsed before mission scripts

scripts/library.lua contains function definitons provided by the game library

Example popfile[edit | edit source]

globals.lua[edit | edit source]

library.lua[edit | edit source]

Setting up in VS Code[edit | edit source]

Install Lua extension in marketplace. Place globals.lua and library.lua in the directory where you want to create lua scripts, and load them in VS Code. This will enable autocompletion for your lua scripts

Profiling[edit | edit source]

It is possible to measure script performance with sig_lua_prof_start and sig_lua_prof_end client commands