List of modifications to vanilla attributes

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Attribute New behavior
alt-fire disabled Actually blocks alt-fire from the weapon
armor piercing Values above 100 are applied properly
paintkit_proto_def_index Applying value in popfile works
dmg bonus while half dead Works on non-melee weapons
dmg penalty while half alive Works on non-melee weapons
damage bonus (and other mult_dmg attributes) Works on kart impact damage and mantreads fall damage
dmg penalty vs players Works on kart impact damage and mantreads fall damage
restore health on kill Works on mantreads fall damage
fire rate bonus with reduced health Works on melee weapons
explosive sniper shot Works on any headshot capable weapon
attack projectiles Works on any weapon
engy building health bonus Also works on disposable sentries
custom projectile model Works on most projectiles, precached
air dash count Can give air jumps on all classes
crit from behind Works on any weapon
override projectile type Grenades can deal damage on any weapon and are launched with 1 hu/s instead of 0
mod ammo per shot Stops the weapon from being fired when ammo not sufficient