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Attribute Name Description Example Value
parachute disabled if set to 1, the user cannot deploy parachutes 1
fires milk bolt Secondary attack: crossbow fires milk bolt. Regenerates every x seconds 1
force distribute currency on death The bot with the attribute distributes its currency on death, like with sniper kills 1
melee cleave attack Melee weapon attacks all enemies in range 1
extra damage on hit penalty Special mode for revolver: each hit reduces damage, up to x times. Likely does not work 1
extra damage on hit 1
mod teleporter speed boost Grants the players speed buff for 4 seconds after leaving teleporter 1
set turn to ice Turns the victim ragdoll to ice 1
can breathe under water Can player breathe underwater 1
cannot swim If set to 1 player cannon swim 1
swimming mastery If set to 1 player can swim at full class speed 1
ability doubletap teleport If set to 1 player move his teleporter with double tapped movement keys. Does not work 1
mod ignore resists absorbs A worse version of damage piercing since it only ignores battalion backup 35% reduction. Does not work? 1
scoreboard minigame Players with this attribute are granted more points for kills but lose points after death 1
wet immunity Is the player immune to wet statuses like jarate or mad milk 1
ability master sniper Huntsman: reduces shoot time 40%/70%, same functionality as faster reload rate but limited to 2 points

Sniper rifle: reduces zoom time 40%/70% (like reload rate does). increases charge rate 50%/200%, but actually 100% due to the cap

last shot crits Last revolver shot in the clip is critical 1
keep disguise on attack Keep disguise after attacking. Revolver only 1
add give health to teammate on hit On hit ally: heal your teammate for x health, draining your own health 75
mod minigun can holster while spinning Can switch to other weapons while spinning minigun 1
sapper deploy time Probably does nothing, otherwise it adds time required for the sapper to activate 1
kill combo fire rate boost On kill: gives x% fire rate bonus, stacks up to 3 times. Killing different class clears the combo 0.1
mult dispenser rate Healh and ammo dispenser rate 2
mvm sentry ammo Sentry max ammo multiplier 2
build small sentries Sentry is 20% smaller. 33% less health, 25% less metal required to upgrade 1
mult teleporter recharge rate Teleporter recharge duration multiplier 1
disguise as dispenser on crouch As spy, disguise as dispenser when crouching 1
ubercharge transfer On hit, as a medic, with "ubercharge ammo" syringegun: transfer x% of the used uber to the enemy medic 34
ubercharge ammo Uses ubercharge as ammo. 100 for full uber use. Syringegun (not crossbow) only 10
teleport instead of die On death: x% chance of being immediately revived at spawn with 1 health 0.5
mod projectile heat seek power Flare and rocket homing seek power in degrees per second 360
mod projectile heat aim error Rocket max error in aim in degrees 90
mult dmg vs same class Damage vs same class multipler 2
uber on damage taken On take damage: x% chance of gaining invicibility for 3 seconds 1
mult dmgtaken from melee Damage taken from melee multipier 0.3
mult crit when health is below percent Player is crit boosted when below x% health. 0.5
penetration damage penalty Penetrated players receive only x% damage. Bullets only. Can be damage bonus despite the name 0.5
firing forward pull Player is pushed x units and speed boosted when firing flamethrower. Limited by ground move speed 1000
mod soldier buff range x% soldier buff range bonus 1.7
mult rocketjump deploy time Deploy speed bonus when rocket jumping 0.4
mul nonrocketjump attackrate Fire rate multiplier when not rocket jumping 0.5
aoe heal chance On hit: refire time * (x/60) % chance for aoe heal for 1s (24 hp healed total). use 60 for 100% chance on 1s refire time weapon, 600 for 0.1s 80
crits on damage On hit: refire time * (x/60) % chance for crit boost for 3s. use 60 for 100% chance on 1s refire time weapon, 600 for 0.1s 80
stun on damage On hit: refire time * (x/60) % chance for stun for 3s. use 60 for 100% chance on 1s refire time weapon, 600 for 0.1s 80
aoe blast on damage On hit: refire time * (x/60) % chance for 100 hu blast that stuns players for 2 seconds and applies bleed. use 60 for 100% chance on 1s refire time weapon, 600 for 0.1s 80
mult dmg with reduced health Grants up to x% damage bonus based on current health. Only for melee weapons 2
mult airblast primary refire time Multiplier of how fast can pyro use primary fire again after airblasting 4
mod flamethrower spinup time Spin up time for flamethrowers in seconds 2.4
mult airblast cone scale Player pushback cone scale. Might not work after JI 1.8
airblast functionality flags Combination of flamethrower flags, used to limit airblast functionality. You have to add those numbers to enable specific functions (by default all are enabled):

1 - If airblast should push players

2 - If airblast can put out afterburn

4 - If airblast can reflect projectiles

8 - If airblast can stun players

16 - If airblast disrupts player aim

reverse airblast airblast pushes players towards the pyro. Does not work? 1
airblast dashes airblast pushes the pyro himself rather than others 1
mult sniper charge per sec with enemy under crosshair Sniper rifle charge rate when looking at the enemy. Still subject to the 200% charge rate limit 2
sniper beep with enemy under crosshair Beeps when the sniper is looking at the enemy while charging, if set to 1 1
disable buildings on hit On building hit: Disable for x seconds 4
regenerate stickbomb Regenerates caber on use 1
mult smack time Melee smack time multiplier (0.2s default) 4
medic machinery beam If set to 1, enables healing buildings as medic. increases building healing rate by 10% for each point 1
arrow mastery Shoots additional 2 arrows per level 1
custom item model Custom item model name
custom weapon fire sound Custom weapon fire sound. Does not work for the weapon owner
explosive bullets Bullets explode in x radius on hit (147 is rocket launcher radius) 100
mult projectile scale Projectile model scale multipier 2
mult projectile count Fire multiple projectiles at once 4
projectile trail particle Projectile trail particle name
explosion particle Explosion particle name
radius sleeper Restores sydney sleeper explosion on headshot 1
cannot be sapped Bot with this attribute cannot be affected by the sapper 1
item color rgb Item tint color 223424
is invisible Is item invisible 1
cannot taunt Cannot taunt 1
projectile acceleration Rocket acceleration in hu/s^2 500
is miniboss The player is miniboss 1
model scale Player model scale 1
cannot upgrade Player upgrade possibility 1
min respawn time Minimal respawn time in seconds 4
always crit Weapon always crits 1
mult firerocket rate Sentry rocket fire rate 1
building max level Building max level limit 1
sentry rapid fire Allows for faster sentry fire rate, up to 66 shots per second 1
dont count damage towards crit rate Dealing damage with weapon does not increase crit rate 1
reduced damage rampup Set damage rampup to 20% 1
no reduced damage rampup Set damage rampup to 50% 1
force damage falloff Force damage rampup and falloff 1
no damage falloff No damage rampup and falloff 1
can headshot Weapon can headshot. Hitscan only 1
building color rgb Building tint color 23424
building scale Building scale. Values above 1.17 make it difficult for players to build on uneven ground 1.54
mult stun resistance Stun slow multiplier. 0 to be fully stun slow immune 0
allow friendly fire Allow to deal friendly fire damage 1
receive friendly fire Receive friendly fire from teammates 1
cannot headshot Weapon Cannot headshot 1
mult crit dmg Crit damage multiplier 1.54
cannot be headshot Cannot be headshot. Hitscan only 1
attachment name Use this model attachment instead of bonemerging. If the name is empty, it will follow player origin instead.

Common attachments for robot models: head, eye_1, flag. Some bot models also have eye_2, partyhat. Demo & soldier additionally contain foot_L and foot_R

Common attachments for player models: head, eyes, flag, partyhat, bread_face, bread_head, effect_hand_L, effect_hand_R, bread_hand_r, bread_hand_l, bread_butt, bread_heel_l, foot_L, foot_R

attachment offset Item offset from the attachment origin 4 2 44
attachment angles Rotation for attached items 25 25 0
attachment scale Model scale for attached items 1.5
mod projectile heat aim time For how long should the projectile home in 1.75
projectile gravity Projectile gravity in hu/s^2 600
projectile acceleration time For how long should the projectile accelerate 2.55
grenade explode on impact Grenades explode on impact 1

projectile lifetime

Projectile lifetime in seconds 52
not solid to players The player is not solid to other players 1
is suicide counter If set, the player takes this amount of damage per second, ignores uber, does not apply damage force 1
always allow taunt Always allow the player to taunt, even midair 1
mult reflect velocity Reflected projectile speed multiplier 1
custom kill icon Use custom kill icon. Icons are defined in scripts/mod_textures.txt in tf_misc_dir.vpk armageddon
mod projectile heat follow crosshair Homing projectiles follow crosshair 1
cannot be upgraded Weapon cannot be upgraded 1
projectile no deflect Projectile cannot be deflected 1
projectile acceleration start time Time before projectile starts accelerating 1
player gravity ballon head Player gravity multiplier when ballon head condition (TF_COND_BALLOON_HEAD). 0 is for regular gravity 12
mult dmg vs giants Damage multiplier vs giants 2.5
mult dmg vs tanks Damage multiplier vs tanks 2.5
mult dmg vs npc Damage multiplier vs npc including tanks excluding player bots 2.5
custom hit sound Custom sound played when a player victim is hit with the weapon fdfdf
custom impact sound Custom sound played when a rocket / projectile / bullet hits something fdfdf
custom weapon reload sound Custom weapon reload sound fdfdf
no explosion particles No explosion particles and sounds 1
override projectile type extra Special version of override projectile type that adds more projectile types:

"mechanicalarmorb" - Short circuit orb

dmg current health Deal additional damage based on fraction of target current health 0.34
dmg max health Deal additional damage based on fraction of target max health 0.34
dmg missing health Deal additional damage based on fraction of target missing health 0.34
cannot be teleported Player cannot be teleported 1
mult medigun range Medigun range multiplier 1.5
projectile penetration limit Penetration limit for projectiles 3
max aoe targets Max targets affected by explosives and flamethrowers 4
add cond on hit Add condtion to the target on hit 56
add cond on hit duration Add condtion on hit duration 4
remove cond on hit Remove condtion from target on hit 57
add damage type Add damage type to the attack 1
remove damage type Remove damage type from the attack 1
special damage type Sets a special damage type to a range from 1-3 1
dmg taken mult from special damage type 1 Damage taken multiplier from weapons with special damage type 1 4
dmg taken mult from special damage type 2 Damage taken multiplier from weapons with special damage type 2 4
dmg taken mult from special damage type 3 Damage taken multiplier from weapons with special damage type 3 4
mult effect duration Effect duration multiplier on drinks, jars 3
effect cond override Effect condtion override on drinks, jars, ubers and many other effects 24
self add cond on hit Add condition to self on hit target 54
self add cond on hit duration Add condition to self on hit target duration 3
add cond on kill Add condition on kill 57
add cond on kill Add condition on kill duration 10
special item description Item description item description
mult flag carrier move speed Flag carrier move speed multipier 0.66
overheal from heal on kill On kill healing can overheal 1
fire input on hit Fire input on hit targets. The player is the activator. The format is <target>^<input>^<param>. If omitted, default param is damage received !self^SetHealth^0
fire input on hit name restrict Restrict input on hit to specified targetname or classname. Wildcards are allowed player
grenade bounce speed Grenades bounce off walls, retaining x% of speed after each bounce 0.8
grenade bounce damage Grenades explode on direct hits even if the grenade already touched a wall, dealing x% additional damage 0.3
projectile gravity native Gravity for arrows and flares. 0 is default gravity. For grenades and stickybombs, any value will disable gravity 0.4
grenade no drag No drag for grenades and stickybombs 1
stickybomb stick to enemies Stickybombs stick to enemies 1
stickybomb no stick Stickybombs do not stick to ground 1
collect currency on kill Bots killed by the weapon drop red money 1
stomp player damage Damage applied to enemies when touching them 100
reflect keep team Projectiles reflected by this weapon keep their original team 1
custom wind up sound Custom minigun wind up sound. Does not override default sound sound.wav
custom wind down sound Custom minigun wind down sound. Does not override default sound sound.wav
reflect magnet If set to 1, reflected projectiles aim towards the pyro 1
stay after regenerate Stay after hitting resupply cabinet or upgrading, if the weapon in the inventory in the slot is different 1
custom minigun spin sound Custom minigun spin sound. The sound will not loop unless its made to loop sound.wav
stomp player time Time between each stomp damage and push. By default, it happens every tick 0.1
arrow hit kill time If set to any value other than 0, sets custom arrow kill time after hitting something 0.3
custom projectile size Custom projectile hitbox size 30
mod sentry cost Sentry cost multiplier 1.25
mod dispenser cost Dispenser cost multiplier 1.25
penetrate teammates Bullets and projectiles penetrate teammates 1
add cond when active Add condition when weapon is active. To provide a second condition, multiply it by 256. To provide a third condition, multiply it by 65536 11
mult step height Step height multiplier (x * 18hu) 10
ignore player clip Ignore player clip brushes 1
allow bunny hop Allow bunny hopping. 1 - auto bhop. 2 - manual bhop 1
fire input on kill Fire input on killed targets. The player is the activator. The format is <target>^<input>^<param>. If omitted, default param is damage received. !projectile is the projectile entity !self^SetHealth^0
fire input on kill name restrict Restrict input on hit to specified targetname. Wildcards are allowed player
fire full clip at once Fire entire clip at once 1
reload full clip at once Reload full clip at once 1