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Listed below are all of the custom keyvalues accepted in the WaveSchedule{} block by our server mods.

Precache[edit | edit source]

PrecacheSound "weapons/rocket_directhit_shoot_crit.wav" [$SIGSEGV] 

If your mission contains custom sounds that are used by pointtemplate entities or sound overrides, you must include those sounds with precachesound

PrecacheScriptSound "Weapon_RPG.Single" [$SIGSEGV] 

Sound script version of precache sound

PrecacheModel "models/props_soho/bookstand002.mdl" [$SIGSEGV] 

Precaches model. This might be required in some circumstances, such as "custom projectile model" attribute, or prop with custom model

PrecacheSentenceFile "scripts/sentences.txt" [$SIGSEGV] 

Precache sentence file

PrecacheDecal "decals/tscorch" [$SIGSEGV] 

Precache decal file

PrecacheGeneric "" [$SIGSEGV] 

Precache generic file

PrecacheParticle "env_fire_large_smoke" [$SIGSEGV] 

Precache particle

Precaching helps to ensure that the content used in the mission will be loaded propely and downloaded to the clients

Halloween[edit | edit source]

ForceHoliday 2 [$SIGSEGV] 

Enforces Halloween mode, but does not enable wave 666 and zombie bots

NoThrillerTaunt 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

No thriller taunt in halloween (default: 0)

NoCritPumpkin 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

No crit pumpkin on player death drop in halloween (default: 0)

NoHolidayPickups 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, pickups will remain with default models (default: 0)

ZombiesNoWave666 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set to 1, the game will not display wave 666 when EventPopFile is set (default: 0)

BotsDropSpells 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, bots will drop spells

GiantsDropRareSpells 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, giants will drop rare spells rather than common

SpellDropRateCommon 0.5 [$SIGSEGV] 

Drop chance for common spell books, from 0 to 1

SpellDropRateGiant 0.5 [$SIGSEGV] 

Drop chance for rare spell books, from 0 to 1

SpellDropForBotsInTeam Blue [$SIGSEGV] 

When set, drop spells only if bots are from Red/Blue team

SpellBookNormalRoll [$SIGSEGV] //Override spell roll. The value specifies how many spell charges to give. You can duplicate spells to increase their roll chance
	"Healing Aura" 3
	"Fireball" 3
	"Ball O' Bats" 2
	"Healing Aura" 3
	"Pumpkin MIRV" 1 
	"Superjump" 4
	"Invisibility" 2
	"Teleport" 4
	"Tesla Bolt" 3
	"Minify" 1
	"Meteor Shower" 5
	"Summon Monoculus" 1
	"Summon Skeletons" 4
SpellBookRareRoll [$SIGSEGV] //Override spell roll. The value specifies how many spell charges to give. You can duplicate spells to increase their roll chance
	"Healing Aura" 3
	"Fireball" 3
	"Ball O' Bats" 2
	"Healing Aura" 3
	"Pumpkin MIRV" 1 
	"Superjump" 4
	"Invisibility" 2
	"Teleport" 4
	"Tesla Bolt" 3
	"Minify" 1
	"Meteor Shower" 5
	"Summon Monoculus" 1
	"Summon Skeletons" 4

Upgrade Station[edit | edit source]

CustomUpgradesFile "mvm_upgrades_sigsegv_extra_v19.txt" [$SIGSEGV] 

Custom upgrades file. File must be named mvm_upgrades_x.txt and must be uploaded to the servers

DisableUpgradeStations 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Disable upgrade station

DisallowUpgrade "fire rate bonus" [$SIGSEGV] 

Disallow upgrade. You can use the position on the upgrade list instead, starting from 1

UpgradeStationKeepWeapons 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Prevent upgrading from changing weapons to current loadout items (default: 0)

ExtendedUpgradesOnly 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Do not display regular upgrade menu, only show extended upgrades (default: 0)

RespecEnabled 0 [$SIGSEGV] 

Set to 0 to disable refunds

RespecLimit 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

How many times the player can use refunds

Bot Behavior[edit | edit source]

MedigunShieldDamage 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set to 1, bot medigun shields will damage players. Use "dmg penalty vs players" attribute to control damage dealt (default: 0)

StandableHeads 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, robots will not push the players of their heads (default: 0)

NoRomevisionCosmetics 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, robots will not wear romevision cosmetics unless forced to (default: 0)

BotsRandomCrit 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, robots will be able to deal random critical damage. Use "crit mod disabled" weapon attribute to control crit chance (default: 0)

AimTrackingIntervalMultiplier 3 [$SIGSEGV] 

Scale of robot aim tracking interval (default: 1)

SniperAllowHeadshots 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, bot snipers can headshot (and amby spy) (default: 0)

ImprovedAirblast 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, bot pyros can deflect arrows grenades and stickybombs (default: 0)

NoSapUnownedBuildings 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, spies will not target unowned buildings (default: 0)

SentryBusterFriendlyFire 0 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set to 0, buster will not damage robots (default: 1)

BotPushaway 0 [$SIGSEGV] 

Should bots push each other away (default: 1)

SandmanStun 0 [$SIGSEGV] 

Should the sandman ball stun players. 1 reverts the pre Jungle Inferno stun (default: 1)

SniperHideLasers 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, snipers will not display lasers when aiming

ForceRobotBleed 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set to 1, robots bleed (default: 0)

Cash[edit | edit source]

BonusRatioHalf 0.75 [$SIGSEGV] 

The ratio of collected cash required to be awarded 50 bonus credits. (default: 0.95)

BonusRatioFull 0.8 [$SIGSEGV] 

The ratio of collected cash required to be awarded 100 bonus credits. (default: 1)

FixedBuybacks 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, the player can only use a number of free buybacks, as specified in BuybacksPerWave

BuybacksPerWave 6 [$SIGSEGV] 

How many buybacks can a player use, when FixedBuybacks is set to 1 (default: 0)

DeathPenalty 100 [$SIGSEGV] 

Player will lose this many credits after dying

Bomb[edit | edit source]

FlagCarrierMovementPenalty 0.4 [$SIGSEGV] 

Overrides flag carrier movement penalty (default: 0.5)

FlagEscortCountOffset 5 [$SIGSEGV] 

Allow for this many additional flag escorts (default: 0)

AllowFlagCarrierToFight 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Allow bomb carrier to fight (default: 1)

Models and Animations[edit | edit source]

PlayerRobotsUsePlayerAnimation 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Use player animations instead of robot ones

FixSetCustomModelInput 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Fixes lack of player animations after firing setcustommodel input on player

BotsAreHumans 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Bots use human models by default. If set to 1, bots can't be sapped, if set to 2, they can

BodyPartScaleSpeed 2 [$SIGSEGV] 

How fast do "head scale" "torso scale" "hand scale" attributes scale the bot body parts (default: 1)

Reverse MvM[edit | edit source]

ReverseWinConditions 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Player team wins if bots deliver the bomb.

SetCreditTeam 3 [$SIGSEGV] 

Sets which team can pickup money. Set to 3 to allow blu team to collect money instead

BluHumanFlagCapture 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Can blu humans capture the flag

BluHumanFlagPickup 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Can blu humans pickup flags

BluHumanInfiniteAmmo 0 [$SIGSEGV] 

Enable infinite ammo for blu humans (default: 1)

BluHumanInfiniteCloak 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Enable infinite cloak for blu humans (default: 1)

AllowJoinTeamBlueMax 4 [$SIGSEGV] 

How many players can join the blue team

AllowJoinTeamBlue 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If it is possible to join team blue

HumansMustJoinTeam blue [$SIGSEGV] 

Set to blue to force players join the blu team

BluPlayersAreRobots 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, blu players use robot models

BotTeleportUberDuration 2 [$SIGSEGV] 

How long should uber last for robots exiting engineer bot teleporter (default: 5)

BluHumanTeleportOnSpawn 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Should players get teleported to engineer bot teleport on spawn (default: 0)

BluHumanBotTeleporter 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Should player teleporters teleport players and bots on spawn (default: 0)

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

ConchHealthOnHit 0.77 [$SIGSEGV] 

Health on hit percentage for conch (default: 0.35)

MarkedForDeathLifetime 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Marked for death duration (default: 15)

VacNumCharges 16 [$SIGSEGV] 

Number of charges for Vaccinator (default: 4)

DoubleDonkWindow 99 [$SIGSEGV] 

Max time for double donk to register (default: 0.5)

ConchSpeedBoost 10 [$SIGSEGV] 

Speed boost provided by the Conch, limited to 40% total speed increase (default: 105)

StealthDamageReduction 0.1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Damage reduction provided by invis watch (default: 0.8)

HealOnKillOverhealMelee 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Heal on kill with melee weapons overheal (default: 1)

FixHuntsmanDamageBonus 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Fix huntsman damage bonus upgrade so it is applied correctly. Does not affect huntsman bots (default: 0)

Movement[edit | edit source]

BunnyHop 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Allow bunnyhopping. 1 enables auto bhop. 2 disables auto bhop (default: 0)

Accelerate 100 [$SIGSEGV] 

Acceleration rate (default: 10)

AirAccelerate 100 [$SIGSEGV] 

Air Acceleration (turning) rate (default: 10)

Teleporters[edit | edit source]

BotTeleportUberDuration 2 [$SIGSEGV] 

How long should uber last for robots exiting engineer bot teleporter (default: 5)

BotsUsePlayerTeleporters 0 [$SIGSEGV] 

Should bots use player teleporter entrances (default: 1)

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

NoReanimators 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Disable reanimators

NoMvMDeathTune 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Disables sound played when a player is killed

RemoveGrapplingHooks 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Grappling hooks are destroyed after specified amount of seconds

MedievalMode 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Players can only use melee weapons. Bots are not weapon restricted

GrapplingHook 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Allow equipping mannpower grappling hook, replaces the default canteen

DisableSound "Weapon_Shotgun.Single" [$SIGSEGV] 

Disable sound. Note that client side sounds cannot be disabled. Must use sound script unless there is only a raw version of the sound

RobotLimit 26 [$SIGSEGV] 

Adjusts the robot limit. Increasing it will reduce max spectator and player count.

There are 4 extra spectator slots, RobotLimit >26 will reduce the max player count of 6 (default: 22)

EnableDominations 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Enables player/bot dominations

SendBotsToSpectatorImmediately 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Should the bots be transferred to spectator team immediately after dying. Use this if your mission consists of lots of easy to kill enemies (default: 0)

NoHolidayPickups 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, pickups will remain with default models (default: 0)

MaxSpectators 0 [$SIGSEGV] 

Set max spectator count (default: infinite)

MaxRedPlayers 6 [$SIGSEGV] 

Override max red player count (default: 6)

DisplayRobotDeathNotice 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set, regular robot death is mentioned in the kill feed (default: 0)

TextPrintTime 7 [$SIGSEGV] 

How fast a line from the wave description is displayed in the middle of the screen. Use 0 to disable (default: 4)

MaxSpeedLimit 521 [$SIGSEGV] 

Max speed limit override. Values above 520 enchance giant scout movement. Values above 521 disable jumping on stuck (default: 520)

MaxEntitySpeed 10000 [$SIGSEGV] 

Max entity speed limit override (default: 3500)

NoMissionInfo 0 [$SIGSEGV] 

Disable !missioninfo command (default: 0)

MaxActiveSkeletons 999 [$SIGSEGV] 

Max active skeletons at once (default: 30)

WaveStartCountdown 9 [$SIGSEGV] 

Wave start countdown duration once all players are ready. Values below 10 disable announcer, values below 9 disable starting music (default: 10)

FastNPCUpdate 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set to 1, NPCs such as halloween bosses will update every tick (default: 0)

NoJoinMidwave 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set to 1, players that joined the server midwave cannot spawn, unless they buyback (default: 0)

MinibossSentrySingleKill 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set to 1, minibosses count as single kill for the sentry (default: 0)

BotHumansHaveRobotVoice 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set to 1, bots with human models have robot voice (default: 0)

BotHumansHaveEyeGlow 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set to 1, bots with human models have eye glow (default: 0)

CustomEyeParticle "eye_powerup_green_lvl_4" [$SIGSEGV] 

Custom eye glow particle (default: "")

NoSkeletonSplit 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Do not split medium skeletons after death (default: 0)

StuckTimeMultiplier 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Multiplier of how fast the bot detects stuck. 3 means bot detect stuck 3 times faster than normal (staying for 4s in 100hu area) (default: 1)

NoCreditsVelocity 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

If set credits spawn with no velocity (default: 0)

RestoreNegativeDamageHealing 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Allow negative damage to overheal (default: 0)

TurboPhysics 0 [$SIGSEGV] 

Turn off to allow players interacting with physics objects like vehicles (default: 1)

CustomNavFile "mvm_bigrock_somecustomnav" [$SIGSEGV] 

Custom nav file name

CustomScriptSoundFile "scripts/sigsegv_sound_overrides.txt" [$SIGSEGV] 
FastEntityNameLookup 1 [$SIGSEGV] 

Decreases entity lookup time 2-4 times. Set to 0 if you are reading m_iName or m_iClassname from datamaps directly and expecting uppercase letters (with $getdata or $setdata input for example) (default: 1)