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Listed below are all of the custom keyvalues accepted in the Wave{} block by our server mods

Custom Wave Number[edit | edit source]

CustomWaveNumber 419 [$SIGSEGV]

Display custom wave number. 511 is the max value

CustomMaxWaveNumber 0 [$SIGSEGV]

Display custom max wave number. 0 hides the max wave number

Custom Loss Conditions[edit | edit source]

RedTeamWipeCausesWaveLoss 1 [$SIGSEGV]

If red team is wiped, it loses

BlueTeamWipeCausesWaveLoss 1 [$SIGSEGV]

If blue human team is wiped, it loses

FinishingWaveCausesWaveLoss 1 [$SIGSEGV]

If non support wavespawns are finished, wave is lost

FinishingWaveAndPlayerWipeCausesWaveLoss 1 [$SIGSEGV]

If non support wavespawns are finished, and all players are dead, wave is lost

 Explanation [$SIGSEGV]  //Dispayed once the wave is initialized
	Line "{blue}Sentry tanks will spawn this wave"
	Line "{red}Red sentries will help you win this wave!"

Custom Attributes[edit | edit source]

 PlayerAttributes [$SIGSEGV] //Add attributes to players when the wave is active
		"increased jump height" 0.5
 ItemAttributes [$SIGSEGV] //Adds attributes to specified item given to players
		ItemName "The Scottish Resistance"
			"reload time decreased" 0.25

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

 PlayerAddCond [$SIGSEGV] //Add condition to players when wave starts
		Index 56
 SpawnTemplate [$SIGSEGV] //spawn template once mission starts
	Name "Sentry"
	Origin "0 -800 500"