Reverse MvM Beginners Guide

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Reverse MvM refers to a combination of custom keyvalues that flips the teams and win conditions. Instead of defending against hordes of robots, players are spawned on the blue team and must fight their way to the hatch and deliver the bomb. Designing missions around this concept can be very complex and requires heavy usage of Point Templates. It is highly recommended that you have a basic understanding of hammer and map logic beforehand.

PointTemplates required for Reverse to work can be found here

Getting Started

Because many maps were not designed for this mode, it is recommended that you go through your map of choice and remove unwanted map entities, cover up holes in bot spawn with prop_dynamic, and generally prepare your map beforehand. For the bulk of custom logic, a logic_auto in combination with AddOutputs is recommended, as it will instantly trigger when a new wave loads. For example, if your mission gives the blue team infinite ammo, it wouldn't hurt to remove redundant ammo packs from the map by adding this to your logic_auto:

"OnMapSpawn" "item_ammopack*,Kill,,0,-1"

Many maps do not have gates or doors blocking the blue spawn area and will require you to add your own blockades. This can be as simple as placing a prop in front of the spawn and killing it when the wave starts, or as complex as creating a moving gate using func_tracktrain. For our example, we'll be using a func_forcefield to block off rottenburg spawn, an invisible wall that blocks blue players which can be disabled and enabled on wave start/end with some basic AddOutputs.

For more complex maps with a lot of entities, it may be beneficial to strip away unnecessary decorative elements of the map to avoid hitting the edict limit. move_rope and keyframe_rope for example can be safely removed if necessary.