Reverse MvM Beginners Guide

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Reverse MvM refers to a combination of custom keyvalues that flips the teams and win conditions. Instead of defending against hordes of robots, players are spawned on the blue team and must fight their way to the hatch and deliver the bomb. Designing missions around this concept can be very complex and require heavy usage of Point Templates. It is highly recommended that you have a basic understanding of hammer and map logic beforehand.

If you prefer a hands-on approach, Try picking apart this basic tutorial mission for rottenburg, which showcases various useful tips and tricks.

Getting Started

There are a series of keyvalues that are specifically designed for Reverse MvM and must be present in WaveSchedule.

  • ReverseWinConditions 1/0 - flips win condition, players must deliver the bomb to win
  • AllowJoinTeamBlue 1/0
  • HumansMustJoinTeam Blue
  • SetCreditTeam 3 - Allows money to be collected by blue team
  • RespawnWaveTimeBlue - A replacement for the standard RespawnWaveTime keyvalue

There is also a selection of optional keyvalues specifically designed for Reverse MvM

  • FixedRespawnWaveTimeBlue 1/0 - A replacement for the standard FixedRespawnWaveTime keyvalue
  • AllowJoinTeamBlueMax 1-10 - maximum number of players allowed on the blue team
  • BluHumanInfiniteAmmo 1/0 - Enables/Disables infinite ammo for blue team, enabled by default.
  • BluHumanFlagCapture 1/0 - Enables/Disables blue players being able to deploy the bomb. 0 means only bots can deliver the bomb
  • BluHumanFlagPickup 1/0 - Enables/Disables blue players picking up the bomb. 0 means only bots can pick it up
  • FlagCarrierMovementPenalty 1-0 - How much picking up the bomb slows players. 0.5 or 50% by default.
  • BluPlayersAreRobots 1/0 - Enables robot playermodels.
  • BluHumanTeleportOnSpawn 1/0 - Makes teleporters behave like bot teleporters, both Entrances and Exits act as new spawn points.
  • BluHumanBotTeleporter 1/0 - Makes teleporters behave like bot teleporters, both Entrances and Exits act as new spawn points.
  • BotTeleportUberDuration - Uber duration in seconds after teleporting through a bot-style teleporter.

These keyvalues are not specific to Reverse MvM, but can also be very useful

  • SniperAllowHeadshots 1/0 - Enables headshots for the ambassador and sniper rifles for blue team. By default, blue team cannot headshot.
  • RobotLimit - Can be used to increase the max amount of bots allowed to spawn from 22 up to 26.
  • SendBotsToSpectatorImmediately 1/0 - Instantly moves bots to the spectator team on death to avoid clogging the populator when nearing the bot limit. Causes active projectiles to instantly disappear when the offending bot dies.
  • SentryBusterFriendlyFire 1/0 - Enables/Disables buster friendly fire, enabled by default.